GreenTek Verticutter Cassettes

For a Thatch-Free Surface

With their revolutionary Fan-Force® Tungsten tipped blades spaced at just 10mm apart, the Verticutter Cassettes will remove and vacuum up an incredible amount of thatch.

They leave an impeccably groomed surface which will become increasingly smooth and fast as the thatch layer is gently reduced over a period of time. Most courses use them set between 0 – 3mm working depth. Maximum depth is 6mm.

Benefits –

  • Removes a lot of Thatch whilst leaving a clean finish
  • Very effective for regular Thatch Control
  • Increases Green speed

Specification –

  • Long life fan assisted  1.6mm tungsten 1.6mm tipped blades
  • 10mm spacing
  • Max working depth 6mm
  • Easy ,Set by feel’ height adjuster
  • Built in blade protection system
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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