GreenTek Sarel Roller Cassettes

GreenTek Sarel Roller Cassettes

For a surface that breathes...

To keep your turf growing strongly in summer or drought periods when the surface tends to get sealed over, the Sarel Roller Cassettes are invaluable.

The Sarel Rollers allow irrigation water and nutrients to penetrate to a depth of approximately 20mm. They are also an ideal preparation for overseeding to produce further new growth.

Benefits -

  • Ideal of over-seeding preparation
  • Prevents surfaces sealing in drought conditions
  • Aids drainage and nutrient incorporation

Specification -

  • Replaceable spikes
  • Working depth up to 20mm
  • Easy “Set by feel” height adjuster
  • Built in blade protection system


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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