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GreenTek Multi-Roller Thumbnail

GreenTek Multi-Roller

Covering a massive 18’ (5.4m) working width and weighing only 650Kg, the Multi-Roller is a fast and easy way to restore your pitch!

Used in conjunction with just a mid-range compact tractor, it is now possible to roll a full pitch in just 20 minutes. The Multi-Roller has been designed to meet the needs of Football Academies and sports complexes with several pitches that require a regular light rolling to restore the surface between games.

The hydraulic folding of the rollers allows for quick and easy operation, whilst the three separate rollers follow undulations in the pitch to allow maximum efficiency.

The secret of the Multi-Rollers effectiveness, is its small diameter rollers which give a greater rolling pressure for their weight than larger diameter rollers would.

Benefits –

  • Three separate rollers to follow undulations
  • Hydraulic folding for quick and easy operation
  • Fits to mid-size compact tractors
  • Quickly restores the surface of your pitches

Specification –

  • Working width 5.4m (18’) or 1.8m (6’ when folded
  • Transport width 2.5m (8’, 2”)
  • Weight 650Kg
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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