GreenTek Double-Quick 6 / 8 Thumbnail
GreenTek Double-Quick 6 / 8 Thumbnail

GreenTek Double-Quick 6 / 8

Aerate, roll, rake and brush in one pass!

The ultimate aeration system for Playing fields, sports grounds, pitches and local authorities.

Aeration is proven to restore the health of compacted sports turf. Light rolling is necessary to keep the surface smooth. Raking lifts out thatch and stands the grass up allowing better air circulation which helps to reduce the risk of fungal disease. Brushing disperses dew and leaves a smart professional stripe finish.

The Double-Quick allows you to perform all of these essential maintenance jobs in one go! The Double-Quicks’ all in one rear roller, rake and brush attachment allow you to complete all of these operations as you aerate your playing surface, with less man power and time. The Double-Quick is available in either 1.8m (6′) or 2.4m (8′) working widths.

No tools are needed with the quick attachment change-over offered by the Double-Quick. The unique main frame system can carry two attachments of your choice, mounted one above the other.

The following attachments are available;

Deep Slitter – With closely spaced 8 ½” tines, this gives a dense pattern of aeration for heavily used winter games, pitches and fairways.

Fine Slitter – Even closer spaced 5” tines used to prevent surface sealing and increase the absorption of air, water and fertiliser.

Hollow Corer – The hollow corer removes plugs of soil, letting the ground expand and de-compact.

Disc Slitter – The continuous slits give maximum air and water absorption plus they prune the grass roots to stimulate vigorous new growth.

Ballast roller – Fill it with water for maximum effectiveness; use it part full or empty for a light rolling.

Rear roller – Great for firming back divots after slitting.

Scarifying Rake – Fast effective thatch control as you go. Attaches to the rear roller.

Rear Brush – A well-groomed appearance. Attaches to the rear roller.

Benefits –

  • Up to 4 tasks in one pass with one tractor and one operator.
  • Relieves compaction, allowing turf to breathe and grow!
  • Opens up the soils structure and improves drainage
  • Stimulates deeper roots which resist drought in summer
  • Encourages stronger turf that is less likely to scuff off in winter

Specification –

  • Main Frame – 6FT (200Kg) 8FT (290Kg)
  • Deep Slitter – 6FT (122Kg) 8FT (160Kg)
  • Fine Slitter – 6FT (129Kg) 8FT (170Kg)
  • Disc Slitter – 6FT (38Kg) 8FT (50Kg)
  • Hollow Corer – 6FT (120Kg) 8FT (170Kg)
  • Ballast Roller – 6FT (180Kg) 8FT (200Kg)
  • Weight of water ballast – 6FT (220Kg) 8FT (290Kg)
  • Rear Roller and Carrier – 6FT (91Kg) 8FT (115Kg)
  • Rear Rake – 6FT (17Kg) 8FT (20Kg)
  • Rear Brush – 6FT (8Kg) 8FT (10Kg)

6 foot for 35hp + tractors; 8 foot for 50hp + tractors

  • Heavy duty box section steel construction with category 1 & 2 mountings.
  • Full 1.8m (6’) or 2.4m (8’) working width
  • Integral parking stands
  • Optional weight tray
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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