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GreenTek Dyna-Brush

GreenTek Dyna-Brush

Let’s face it – the best greens in the world, aren’t going to happen by accident. You need the very best green-keeping skills and the best equipment, if you’re going to make that happen. And we’re right here to help you with that challenge! The Dyna-Brush with its reverse drive gearbox gives the brushes superior performance for cleaning out debris from within the turf surface and stimulates a healthy erect sward. The Dyna-Brush units are the ideal partners for the Dyna-Corers for golf courses that want perfectly clean greens in the minimum time and with no disruption or disturbance.

Benefits -

  • Collects dead grass, clippings and even pine needles from within the turf
  • Sweeps up mini-cores and similar debris to leave a perfectly clean surface
  • Contra-rotating actions stands the grass up
  • Can be used to brush in top dressing

Specification -

  • Weight 25kg per unit
  • Will fit most greens triple mowers
  • Contra rotating brush


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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