GreenTek Scarifier Cassettes

GreenTek Scarifier Cassettes

For a Thatch-Free Root Zone...

Periodic use of the Scarifier Cassettes set at 8-12mm deep will remove and sweep up enormous volumes of thatch.

Removing this collected debris from deep within your root zone, enables air and topdressing to enter, promoting microbial action that will further break down the thatch layer.

Benefits -

  • Brush spacers effectively remove debris
  • Removes enormous quantities of Thatch
  • Promotes healthy root zone

Specification -

  • Easy, Set by feel height adjuster
  • Powerful sweeping brush spacers
  • Long life 2.0mm tungsten tipped blades
  • Max working depth 12mm
  • Built in blade protection system


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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