Lastec WZ1000 Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Featuring a massive 120” cutting width, five 25" flex decks, and zero turn manoeuvrability, the WZ1000 is the world’s largest zero turn mower with the accuracy of five small push mowers. Built in the USA, the WZ1000 commercial zero turn mower fits the production needs of commercial landscapers, lawn care professionals, sports fields, and golf courses.

The WZ1000 includes five 25" independently flexing decks with up to 24° of total up/down flex for superior cut quality in even the most challenging contours and valleys. With the 120” cutting width, zero turn accuracy, and up to 10 mph speed, the WZ1000 is 15% more productive than a 104” zero turn mower and 67% more productive than a 72” zero turn mower.

Powered by a 49HP turbo-charged Tier 4 diesel engine, the WZ1000 zero turn mower features quick-lift electric decks for easy transport or storage, tool-free deck height adjustment for quick on-site height changes, and 17-gallon fuel capacity for less fuelling downtime. In addition, Lastec’s patented belt-driven decks require minimal maintenance and provide unmatched fuel efficiency compared to hydraulically driven rotary mowers that often cost 50% more to own and operate.

Perfect the Art of Mowing today with the 120” wide WZ1000 commercial zero turn wide area mower that minimizes investment, maintenance, and man-power while maximizing cut quality, productivity, and performance.

Lastec flexing decks provide a premium quality of cut throughout the entire width of cut from wing to wing not found anywhere else in the industry. Lastec individual flexing decks cut areas that normally require hand trimming, provide a lower cut without scalping, mow through trenches and valleys in a single pass, and approach contours from any angle without scalping, missing grass, or damaging turf.

Every Lastec mower features three, five, or seven 21” or 25” independently flexing decks that include up to 24° of total up/down motion for the premium cut quality of several small push mowers in even the most challenging contours and valleys. In addition, Lastec’s centre decks include a pivot in the centre capable of up to 3° of up/down motion.

Features - 

  • 120" cutting width is 15% more productive than a 104" zero turn mower
  • Five 25" flex decks with up to 24° of total up/down motion
  • Tool-free deck height adjustment from 1" to 4-1/2"
  • Electric quick-lift deck with 94" transport width
  • 49HP Kubota turbo-charged tier 4 diesel engine

Specification –


  • Type Kubota® D1803-CR-TE4B 3-cylinder, turbo-charged, liquid-cooled diesel
  • Emissions Level EPA Tier 4 final, stage IIIB
  • Rated Horsepower 49.6 hp (SAE J1995)
  • Displacement 111.4 cu. in.
  • Air Cleaner 6” dual element, dry cartridge
  • Cooling System Type Pressurized radiator, forced circulation with water pump
  • Alternator Capacity 12V, 60A
  • Oil System Type Forced lubrication by trochoid pump
  • Oil Capacity 1.85 U.S. gal
  • Oil Filter Type Full-flow, replaceable spin-on type
  • Fuel Capacity 17 U.S. gallons


  • Length 92”
  • Width (mowing) 138”
  • Width (transport) 94”
  • Height (ROPS up) 82”
  • Height (ROPS down) 57”
  • Wheelbase 54”
  • Rear Track 60”

Cutting Deck System

  • Cut Width 120”
  • Blades Five 25” High Lift
  • Deck Segments Five articulating, 7ga welded construction
  • Height of Cut Range 1”-4-1/2” in ¼” increments
  • Height Adjustment Manual with spacers (9 adjustment points)
  • Acres per Hour 8.73 (assumes 10% overlap, no stops, and average speed of 8 mph)
  • Transport Lift Type Two electric-over-hydraulic actuators
  • Deck Caster Wheels Eight 11 x 4-5, smooth, no-flat
  • Blade Tip Speed 18,500 FPM (approximate)

Traction System

  • Max Forward Speed 10 mph
  • Max Reverse Speed 6 mph
  • Front Tires Two 13 x 6.5-6, smooth, semi-solid
  • Rear Tires Two 26 x 12-12, 6-ply, turf tread
  • Parking Brake Two mechanical drum-type on rear wheels
  • Steering Dual-lever hydrostatic differential type with rear wheels
  • Hydraulic Oil Filters Full-flow, replaceable spin-on type
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler Pressurized, forced air
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

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