Sweep N Fill Top Dressing and Grooming Brush

Outstanding Top Dressing and Grooming Brush

Designed for easy use with an electric lift and lower system and fully enclosed drive mechanism, this is a top dressing brush that is definitely worth consideration. The grooming brush follows the ground contour smoothly and has a very low maintenance requirement.


  • Electric lift and lower system
  • Fully enclosed drive mechanism
  • Infinite brush height adjustment
  • High ground clearance
  • Soft flexible brushes
  • Brush follows ground contour
  • Adjust chain tension with removing guard
  • Adjustable tow hitch
  • Upright storage capability


  • Can be operated by any small buggy or mower
  • Low maintenance
  • Fills aerated holes in only 2-3 passes
  • Uses up to 20% less sand
  • Moves topdressing material into the turf canopy reducing damage to cylinders and bottom blades
  • Unique bristle is kind to turf
  • Lifts lateral shoots and promotes healthier turf
  • Removes grain and improves green surfaces
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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