Wessex SS Sprayers

The Wessex ATV mounted SS SPRAYER range are packed with user-friendly features and benefits, and comprises a heavy-duty 55 litre rotomoulded tank and a choice of pump options to suit the width of boom required. All models come complete with 5m of hose and a hand lance for spot spraying.

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Durable Rotomoulded Polyethylene Tank – For maximum strength
  • In-Line Suction Filter – Avoids pump contamination (SS-608-P & SS-618-P only)
  • Moulded Handles – For ease of lifting, option of 3 pump sizes – A machine for every application.
  • Pressure Control Valve – Maximum versatility (WS-608-P & WS-618-P only)
  • Hand Lance & 5M Hose – Ideal for spot spraying also allows spot spraying up to 5m away from the tank
  • Option Of 5 Boom Sizes – A machine for every application
  • Height Adjustable Booms
  • Nozzle Taps – Turn off a nozzle to limit spray width
  • Anti-Drip Valves – Avoid chemical leakage
  • Moulded Hose Wrap – Keeps hose securely coiled
  • Brass Quick-Release Fittings – Easy change from boom to hand lance
  • Drain Plug at Lowest Point – Ease of emptying
  • Suction Hose Draws Fluid From The Lowest Point – Complete emptying
  • N.S Basket Filter Strains Liquid as Tank is Filled – Clean water only enters the tank (SS-608-P & SS-618-P only. SS-604 has a gauze filter on the end of the suction hose)

Specification –


  • Approx full weight 57kg
  • Pump delivery (max ltr/min) 3.8
  • Max pressure 3 Bar
  • Boom options 1.5m


  • Approx full weight 60kg
  • Pump delivery (max ltr/min) 8
  • Max pressure 3 Bar
  • Boom options 1.5,2, 3m


  • Approx full weight 60kg
  • Pump delivery (max ltr/min) 18
  • Max pressure 3 Bar
  • Boom options 1.5,2, 3m
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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