John Deere TC125 Collection System Thumbnail
John Deere TC125 Collection System Thumbnail

John Deere TC125 Collection System

Course clean-up has never been faster or better, thanks to the TC125.
Picking up cores after aeration has always been a hit or miss proposition. You can get some of them, but very rarely is it a truly “clean” operation. Until now.

With the John Deere TC125 Collection System, one person can easily pick up and dump turf debris such as aeration cores, sand, clippings, leaves or thatch. The TC125 hydraulically powered rotary brush runs at up to 600 rpm, efficiently picking up whatever lies in its path. This highly productive unit covers a 1.22 m (48 in) swath and has a hopper capacity of 0.7m³ (25 cu ft), which allows an average green to be cleared in 15 minutes.

The TC125 has a dumping height of 124.5 cm (49 in.) and is equipped with a hydraulic lift cylinder allowing debris to be easily emptied into the cargo box of a heavy-duty utility vehicle.

The hydraulically driven brush system is simple to operate and maintain, and it eliminates the need for an additional power source. A full-width roller can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of turf conditions and brush wear.

For consistent travel speed and pickup performance, the TCB10015 speed control kit is available as an attachment for field conversion for use on the 4000 Series Compact Utility Tractors. The BM19955 throttle/governor control kit is available for ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicles.

  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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