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Groundsman Industries TMC26 Turf / Sod Cutter Thumbnail

Groundsman Industries TMC26 Turf / Sod Cutter

Groundsman Industries TMC26 Turf / Sod Cutter

The TMC26 is a Groundsman turf cutter and sod cutter designed for landscapers, contractors and hire shops but it has the cut quality to work in fine sports turf as well. 

The large diameter (300mm) solid rubber grip wheels give excellent traction in all conditions with blade widths from 30cm to 50cm to 7cm depth. The TMC26 is well balanced and very smooth to operate with a caster tail wheel for cutting tight curves or locked for straight cutting. Compact and portable, this machine ticks all the boxes that are important to landscape contractors and rental/hire outlets.

This Groundsman sod cutter uses the latest syncro belt technology which makes it quiet and smooth to operate, coupled with the unique oil filled clutch gear-box ground-drive developed by Groundsman Industries, this contributes to the TMC26's simplicity and very low maintenance. Careful consideration has been given to accessibility and removal of all components for easy service and maintenance throughout the life of the machine.

The position of the drive-axle gives the TMC26 maximum traction to weight ratio and make it well balanced for handling and manoeuvrability. The 300mm (12") diameter solid rubber tread ground-drive wheels ensure maximum grip and stability for cutting ability and accuracy. This machine will cut clean and effortlessly in all ground conditions without assistance from the operator.

The blade-drive utilises a counter balanced sealed bearing crankshaft and central connecting rod developed by Groundsman for smooth low vibration operation and low maintenance. The NTI vibration operator handle mounting system is designed for minimum operator hand arm vibration (HAV) levels with maximum control for accurate cut alignment. Groundsman Industries have invested heavily in Whole Body and Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and Noise Exposure testing equipment and the TMC range of Groundsman turf cutters have the lowest levels on the market.

The sod blade widths are available in 30cm (12") 35cm (14") 40cm (16") 45cm (18") and 50cm (20") wide cuts as well as centre mounting mole, de-compact and trench Blades capable of working to 10cm (4") depths. Cutting blade angle is adjustable through six degrees for perfectly smooth cuts in all soil types and depths. The cutting depth is infinitely variable down to 7cm (3"). The cutter blade drive can be disengaged independently of the ground-drive for safe transport and loading.

Key Benefits -

Long service life with very low maintenance.
Simple and easy to operate.
Low Hand Arm Vibration levels (HAV).
Excellent cut quality and ground drive traction in all conditions.
Central drive axle for balance and traction.
Separate ground-drive and blade drive clutches for safe transporting and loading.
Portable compact size.
Range of sod blade widths with high visibility for easy cut alignment.
Mole-drain * De-compaction * Trench-blade options.

Technical Specifications -

Engine: 6.5 HP Honda GX200
Primary Drive: Centrifugal Clutch & Belt Drive
Blade Drive: Syncro Flat Belt Driven Counter Balanced Crank Shaft and Central Connecting Rod, sealed Bearings throughout
Ground Drive: Oil Filled Worm Gear Engaging Central Drive Axle
Front wheels: Stud Mounted 300mm (12") OD Solid Rubber Diamond Tread Grip Wheels             
Rear wheels: Ball Bearing Rim with Smooth Pneumatic 9 x 3.5 - 4 Tyre. Caster Mounted with Foot Operated Lock for Straight and Curve Cutting plus transport
Weight: 158kg (348lb) Blade Fitted
Width: 66cm (26") at Handles 50cm (20") at Guard Frame
Length: 180cm (71") 120cm (47") (Handles Folded)
Height: 85cm (34")


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

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