Wessex AR Rotary Mower

The Wessex AR SERIES ROTARY MOWERS are the first choice for regularly mown areas, as the work rates are higher and the maintenance costs are lower than a flail mower. The AR Series includes 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m models with various engine options, and are well suited to general pasture topping or fine turf work and are popular on farms, studs and private estates.

Key Features & Benefits -

  • 5mm Deck – Shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
  • Swivelling Ball Hitch – Satisfies Health and Safety recommendations
  • Turn Buckle On The Drawbar – Levels the machine for an even cut
  • Drawbar Can Be Offset To Either Side – Cut outside of the quad wheeling's
  • Throttle Lever – Clips on to ATV rack for user convenience
  • Heavy Duty Blades With Upturn On Trailing Edge – Durability and strong suction effect
  • 16 X 6.50-8 Tyres
  • Wheels In-Line With The Rotors – Very well balanced, minimal weight on drawbar and excellent ground contour following
  • Friction Welded Spindles – Run in heavy cast housings for maximum durability
  • Centrifugal Clutch – Allows the blades to be engaged / disengaged from the seat
  • Simple Belt Adjustment – Both belts are tensioned simultaneously by one simple sliding action of the engine

Specification -

AR-120 –

  • Cutting width 1.2m
  • Overall width/side wheels 1.7m
  • Cutting height range 25-140mm
  • Weight 218kg

AR-150 –

  • Cutting width 1.5m
  • Overall width/side wheels 2.0m
  • Cutting height range 25-140mm
  • Weight 241kg

AR-180 –

  • Cutting width 1.8m
  • Overall width/side wheels 2.3m
  • Cutting height range 25-140mm
  • Weight 329kg
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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