Tweel Aftermarket Solution

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Tweel Aftermarket Solution

The next “revolution” in commercial mowing has arrived. The MICHELIN X TWEEL Turf Airless Radial Tyre has all the qualities you would want in a pneumatic tyre but it never needs air. No more flats, downtime, patch kits or replacement tyres; PLUS, in the area of wear and tear, this “tyre” has a wear up to life three times that of a pneumatic.

Designed for use on zero turn-radius-mowers
The MICHELIN X TWEEL airless radial tyres are designed to help zero turn-radius-mowers achieve excellent cutting results and outstanding rider comfort, while eliminating downtime caused by flat tyres and unseated beads.

NO Maintenance - No more flat tyres and downtime
The MICHELIN X TWEEL airless radial tyre is one single unit, replacing the current tyre/wheel/valve assembly. Once they are bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain, and the common problems of unseated beads and flat tyres are completely eliminated.


NO Compromise - an even cut, excellent stability, traction and dampened ride for comfort

The MICHELIN X TWEEL airless radial tyre has a consistent hub height which helps ensure the mower deck produces an even cut. The full-width poly-resin spokes provide excellent lateral stability for outstanding side-hill traction, while the unique design of the spokes significantly reduces bounce and dampens the ride for enhanced operator comfort, even over curbs and other bumps.

Long life - two to three times the life of a standard pneumatic tyre at equal tread depth

3 Options to Order MICHELIN X TWEEL

  1. Configure your new ZTRAK Z994R or Z997R with MICHELIN X TWEEL
  2. Order MICHELIN X TWEEL® through JD Point with updated part numbers listed below
  • AUC15377 - 24”x12” for Z994R ->DLP 675 €
  • AUC11962 - 26’’x12’’ for Z997R ->DLP 700 €

       3.Order MICHELIN X TWEEL with black rims through Vappoint.
       An overview with available part numbers is listed below and a fitment model guide is attached to this bulletin.



ONT CASTER - MICHELIN X TWEEL turf drive wheels are also available as a caster:

  • The MICHELIN X TWEEL turf caster is also a single unit that replaces the tyre/wheel/valve assembly. TWEEL CASTER is maintenance free, lasts longer than traditional tyres and ensures an even cut and enhanced operator comfort.
  • The TWEEL CASTER is designed for optimal balance of mass and compression in order to provide the best cutting experience. Adding TWEEL drive and caster wheels enhances the performance of the mower’s suspension, providing for a softer ride. This can give the sensation that the machine is lighter or “floating” compared to a mower with traditional pneumatic or semi-pneumatic tyres.

For more information, visit the John Deere homepage and to see the tyres in action watch this video

**This information is proprietary and confidential to Deere & Company and is only approved to be used by its authorized dealers and distributors in facilitating customer sales.  It cannot be disclosed to third parties in any form without Deere & Company’s prior written consent.




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