Precision Spraying

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Precision Spraying

The precision spraying revolution starts at BTME

John Deere is revolutionising spraying applications on amenity turf with the new GPS PrecisionSprayer, available exclusively for use with the ProGator heavy-duty utility vehicle.
This advanced technology system offers golf course managers and other turf professionals a proven, off-the-shelf, integrated John Deere solution for precision spraying. With features such as AutoTrac satellite guided automatic steering, a full-colour in-cab touchscreen display and individual nozzle control, the easy-to-use GPS PrecisionSprayer increases application accuracy and consistency, lowers input costs through reduced overlaps and misses, helps protect the environment and increases productivity by reducing operator fatigue.
“The GPS PrecisionSprayer offers an innovative solution that allows our customers to be more productive and accurate when maintaining turf,” says John Deere’s European turf sales & marketing manager Carlos Aragones. “John Deere boasts over 20 years of GPS experience, which was vital when creating this new sprayer. We were able to take advantage of our industry leading knowledge of satellite guidance technology to develop a solution that supports our customers by increasing productivity and accuracy while reducing labour and material costs.”
One of the most notable features on the GPS PrecisionSprayer is AutoTrac, which helps to spray predetermined areas in less time with greater pass-to-pass accuracy. Another important benefit is individual nozzle control, which minimises application errors and reduces fatigue, as the operator does not need to focus on manually turning boom sections on and off. Individual nozzles can be paired with AutoTrac guidance to limit wasted product applications caused by pass to pass overlaps and misses.
The GPS PrecisionSprayer utilises advanced satellite technology and mobile RTK (real-time kinematic) navigation down to accuracy levels of 2.5cm to ensure the reliability of boundary maps and allow users to create spray coverage maps, which also eliminates overlaps and increases productivity.
Another major benefit is the ability to electronically capture all spray data and analyse the results, which streamlines the documentation process and provides robust analytics for recording and legislation purposes. Automated documentation also removes the need for manual records and increases accuracy when recording details of all spraying applications.

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