Q&A with Manager of International Operations at Tru-Turf

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Q&A with Manager of International Operations at Tru-Turf

Erin talks about her role – particularly in the UK this year, and the many greenkeepers she works with.

Q: Hi Erin, for those who may not already know you, please can you explain where you originally hail from and what you do and how long have you been doing it?

A: Sure, I am from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I work at Tru-Turf as the manager of International Operations. I started with Tru-Turf many years ago and after taking some time away I re-joined the team five and half years ago. My position has me working on policies and procedures, accounts, sales and marketing. The best part of my job is getting to meet (digitally and physically) all the amazing people in the turf industry. To be a part of this amazing turf family.

Q: How long have you now been in the UK, what has been your focus for Tru-Turf and how have you worked with course managers to improve course playing surfaces?

A: I arrived in Scotland in January of this year. My goal was to work alongside our UK distributor, The Double A Trading Company, to understand how the internals of the dealerships work. Prompting anything we as the manufacturer need to alter to provide better service and support to not only our dealer network but customers worldwide. I would say it has been more enlightening just getting to have a conversation with the people using the products every day. Not sitting in an office behind a desk but being on the ground and hearing the good and the bad. Allowing Tru-Turf to better understand what truly works for the greenkeepers.

Q: You have been volunteering part time in a greenkeeping role. Why did you choose to do this, which club are you at, how do you think this experience has contributed to your daily job function and what have been the highlights?  

A: I have admired so many of these guys and what they do that it has been something that has interested me for many years, wanting to be hands-on and experience every day what greenkeepers must face and understand the whole role not just the rolling aspect. I have been volunteering at Niddry Castle Golf Club in West Lothian, Edinburgh under the guidance of head greenkeeper, Iain Watson.

Though Iain has patiently taught me every aspect of the greenkeeping role, and I have had my hands dirty doing it all, I think that by rolling a full 18 greens consistently has opened my eyes further to how the Tru-Turf roller functions over constant use and what other roles it can play on the course. I know I should say rolling but I really like being on the big mowers and cutting the rough.

Q: What have been the highlights of travelling through the UK to understand and meet the needs of course managers and to demonstrate Tru-Turf, what have you enjoyed most about working in the UK and what’s next for you?  

A: Honestly, I am humbled by how welcoming every member of greenkeeping staff in every club I have entered has been. They have taken the time to talk to me regarding everything including their comments on the Tru-Turf roller. The people are absolutely the most enjoyable part, the connection that is instant, meeting someone for the first time and them saying “I follow you on Twitter” (then very quickly remembering all your embarrassing posts ha-ha) and knowing you follow them too, getting to talk about turf all day, every day. What could be more fun?

Q: What’s next?

A: you know its hard to say, with travel restrictions still in place we are taking things as they come each day. So, until then I get to continue to stick around the UK a little longer and keep learning.

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