Q & A session with Stewart Duff of Gullane Golf Club

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Q & A session with Stewart Duff of Gullane Golf Club

You are the courses manager with responsibility for three courses at Gullane Golf Club. How many years have you been at the club and how big is the team?

I have been the course manager at Gullane since May 2006, so that’s 14 years now. Wow, doesn’t time fly! There are 25 of us looking after the 60 hole complex. Three x 18 holes and one six hole kids course. I love seeing golfers enjoying the courses and facilities and passing excellent feedback to our team.

The club recently purchased a Tru Turf R50/11 greens roller to work across the courses. What were you looking for and what in particular appealed to you about Tru Turf when it was demonstrated?

I was impressed by this lightweight roller as it gave the us the same performance enhancements on our greens as our older, heavier rollers. It was also wider so it completed the task of rolling the greens slightly quicker. Not having to drive on and off a trailer was more convenient also.

Did you take any external recommendations before finally deciding to purchase and if so, what general feedback did you receive?

I asked my neighbouring course managers opinions on how reliable these machines were and they were very complimentary about them.

How often are the team members going to be using the Tru Turf greens roller across the courses, what level of ball roll are you looking for and is the Tru Turf giving you the required level and finish?

The True Turf R50 improves the smoothness of the ball roll across the green, it also increases the greens speed without damaging the grasses if used sensibly, and it’s very much a tool that we need to keep up with golfers expectations. This new model is for our No3 course and it will probably be used around once per week. Don’t tell the headman on No3 this but it may be borrowed regularly to roll the greens on No1 at weekends.

Double A supplied the Tru Turf Greens Roller, what level of service have you experienced and what has impressed you most?

I have dealt with Double A since I started back here and Adrian Gardner has always been very professional and helpful at all times, never any issues at all.

Reprinted from Greenkeeping Magazine June 2020


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