Meet The Course Manager - Brian Toall

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Meet The Course Manager - Brian Toall

Can you give a brief description of your background and how you came to work at Baberton G.C. as Course Manager? 

I’ve been GreenKeeping for 27 years now. I started off as an apprentice at Deer Park Golf & Country Club, working my way through the ranks to Head Greenkeeper there. I then moved to Hamilton Golf Club to work as Deputy Course Manager, before moving to Liberton Golf Club to take the role as Course Manager there, before eventually taking my current role as Course Manger here at Baberton Golf Club. 


What do you enjoy most about your role and what are some of the biggest challenges that you and your team face?

I enjoy watching young people develop, watching apprentices grow their skills in the Greenkeeping world, getting all the knowledge they require to move on in the industry to become Head Greenkeepers or Course Managers themselves. I’d say the biggest challenge we face is the weather, the Winters aren’t Winters anymore, they are getting wetter and warmer, there’s more disease pressure and these are things that we have had to adapt to over the years and will have to keep monitoring in the future. 


What projects do you have going on at the moment?

We are currently in a bunker redevelopment programme, so we are changing all our bunkers design, rolling the faces, installing rubber resin in them all, going forward we are planning to redevelop the 18th hole also. 


Any goals for the future?

I’m always looking to progress my career as a Greenkeeper, it’d be nice to move to a bigger club, so I’m always keeping my eye on any movement in that regard. In terms of career development, I’m always continuing to learn day to day on the course and by managing a team. I’m also considering furthering my education and taking a degree. 


When looking for a greens roller, what made you want to buy a Tru-Turf RB-48 ?

The Tru-Turf is what I have always used. Its what I know, It’s reliable and super easy to use. I bought one at Liberton and another at Hamilton, so I’ve always gravitated towards that roller.  


What difference in greens surface can you notice from using the Tru-Turf compared to other products?

We have had competitors to the Tru-Turf on demo, but they all proved heavier and slower. We feel the efficiency and the finish that the Tru-Turf gives is the best out there. 


Would you recommend the purchase of a Tru-Turf to others?

100%. I’m in a group chat with many Course Mangers in Scotland and we are all in favour of the Tru-Turf. It’s the best on the market. 

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