Meet Ross - Our Latest Technician at Cupar

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Meet Ross - Our Latest Technician at Cupar

Our Sales, Marketing & Media Assistant Liam sits down with Ross Holler to talk about his career path and how he has found his first month with Double A.


Tell me a bit about your background Ross.

Growing up I stayed in Kennoway, going to Kennoway Primary School when I was younger, then moving to Buckhaven High School, which was merged with Kirkland High to make Levenmouth Academy. I didn’t enjoy school much so I decided I wanted to go out and work. I applied for three jobs at Peter Vardy; stores, parts and mechanic. I was given the choice of all three and preferred the sound of being a mechanic so that’s where I started this line of work. I served my 4 year apprenticeship there, staying on for another year or so after that, before moving here to Double A. 


What’s a hobby / passtime you have?

I mainly spend my spare time working on cars and bikes. I find that with the line of work I’m in here, I have more motivation to work on my cars and bikes as it’s different from the turf equipment, whereas back in my old job I’d be doing the same thing as I was at work and would loose motivation. I also like to work on my friends cars too. 


What made you want to join Double A?

Obviously I knew this industry was around, but I had never really seen an insight into what it was like. My dad knew of the company through one of the companies employees, so I messaged them asking what this role contained. We had phone conversations and the role sounded really interesting so I thought it was time for a change. I was getting tired of the repetitiveness of the motor trade from a technical aspect, whereas in this industry I knew I would have a variety of different machines and challenges to work with. 


How have you found your first month working with Double A ?

I notice a big difference from my previous role. So far I’ve really enjoyed myself, it’s quite like how I thought it would be, a lot more repair work rather than just fitting and replacing stuff like in my previous role. It’s hands on which I like, this role tests my knowledge on how I think things should be done. Obviously I’m still learning about this industry but I’ll always think about how to overcome problems, giving it a go before asking other techs how it should be completed. The other technicians and Double A staff have been have been welcoming and helpful, if I have any queries they are always happy to help out and I’ve been learning many new skills by working along side as part of a team. 


What are your hopes for your future with Double A?

The hope within this role would be to become more proficient and build my knowledge of the machines within the industry, progressing through to a fully qualified professional turf technician which would allow me to complete jobs on site as well as being in the workshop. I look forward to the day I am fully qualified so I can go see the people and places we are servicing the machines for. 

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