John Deere Completes its Fairway Mower Product Line with New Models

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John Deere Completes its Fairway Mower Product Line with New Models

Now available for purchase, the 6080A and 6500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Mowers provide more options for the brand’s fairway mower line.

Committed to providing its customers with the right products to meet their needs, John Deere rounds out its fairway mower product family with the 6080A and 6500A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers. First previewed at the 2019 Golf Industry Show, the latest additions to the 6000A Series fairway mowers provide customers with electric reel drive technology to ensure maximum productivity and performance. With the introduction of the 6080A and 6500A, John Deere now offers a complete family of 11 fairway mowers to meet any need.

"Every course has specific needs, and it is important for superintendents to have a wide variety of options available to create the right mix for their fleet," said Brad Aldridge, product manager, John Deere Golf. "With this in mind, we've continued to evolve our fairway mower line so we are a one stop shop for our customers. From our E-Cut Hybrid models to the PrecisionCut™ machines, we're providing a vast number of productive, powerful solutions."

Both the 6080A and 6500A E-Cut Hybrid models feature the proven electric reel drive system, which reduces potential hydraulic leak points by over 90 percent. The hybrid system is powered exclusively by an alternator, resulting in consistent performance without additional batteries to maintain.

The 6080A and 6500A E-Cut Hybrid provide all-day mowing with two width-of-cut options:

6080A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower – 18-inch (45.7-centimeter) QA5 cutting units provide an 80-inch (2.032-meter) width of cut
6500A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower – 22-inch (55.9-centimeter) QA5 cutting units provide a 100-inch (2.54-meter) width of cut

Equipped with powerful 24.7 HP (18.4 kW) diesel engines, the 6080A and 6500A E-Cut Hybrid machines feature a three-wheel smooth tire configuration and a durable fairway mower chassis. Standard LoadMatch™ offers the same exceptional cut quality, even on hills, while the proven eHydro™ transmission removes linkages between the pedals and the hydrostatic pump. A mowing speed of 8 mph (12.9 kph) on both models allows operators to be more productive, mowing more area in a shorter amount of time.

Equipped with the password-protected TechControl Display, turf managers or technicians can input commands, such as mow speed, turn speed, transport speed and service timers, while also capturing on-board service diagnostics. The TechControl system offers managers and technicians complete control over cut quality and performance.

Other notable features on the 6080A and 6500A models include internal hydraulic wet disk brakes, eliminating linkage adjustments and grease points in the brake system, and a comfortable operator station with Command Arm-mounted controls that adjust with the seat. The outstanding cut quality on the 6080A and 6500A models is further enhanced with rear-attaching yokes on the cutting units and standard hydraulic down pressure, which can tackle even the toughest of mowing conditions. Additionally, the hybrid reel drive system allows for more power available for the standard GRIP all-wheel drive traction system, improving hill climbing performance.

John Deere now offers four E-Cut Hybrid mowers and seven PrecisionCut models ranging from 18-in. (45.7 cm) QA5 cutting units to 30-in. (76.2 cm) QA7 cutting units, providing a complete family of fairway mowers to meet any need. Every model, from the lightweight three-wheel units to the higher horsepower four-wheel-drive units, features the innovative TechControl display, improving consistency of performance from operator to operator.

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