John Deere Aercore 1500 Mounted Aerator

The Standard Bearers for Quality Aeration.

Simplicity meets superior performance. In short, that sums up the John Deere line of Aercore Aerators. These ground-breaking walk-behind and tractor-mounted aerators have consistently delivered high productivity without sacrificing hole quality,durability, or ease of service. Just like a great golf swing, the Aercore Aerators are remarkably consistent in quality and quantity.

Features - 

  • 57.5" (152.4cm) coring width
  • Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour
  • Simple belt drive system
  • Serviceability made easy
  • Four sizes of tine holders available
  • Excellent productivity
  • Large diameter roller provides better ground clearance and reduces the potential for turf scuffing in undulating areas
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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