Tru Turf RE50 Greens Roller

The only people who will know you have rolled your greens, will be the players enjoying it.

Our whisper quiet 48v electric engine ensures you can prepare your greens while your neighbours sleep undisturbed, morning or night. Available in both lead acid or lithium powered.

Our intuitive quick release accessories let you easily change between slitting, spiking or brushing in seconds. No tools required.

The RE50 incorporates our patented self-cleaning nodules. These remove clipping build up during rolling to eliminate dumping and keep the smoothing rollers clean of debris for a smoother more even roll.

Our rollers are lighter, smarter, and more adaptable. Where other machines rely on weight to heavily compress the playing surface, our lightweight rollers create a smooth, true surface without compacting the soil beneath, resulting in better soil structure and healthier grass.

Contact us today to experience the results and features of not just any roller: the only roller officially endorsed by the US PGA for the result it delivers.

Specification –

  • Engine: 48V AC Electric – 18HP (13.5kw) – Fully enclosed
  • Battery: Lead acid (standard) – Lithium (optional)
  • Transmission: Falk Ultramite, double reduction helical
  • Drive Train: Toothed belt
  • Drive Roller: Rubber coated, non-stick. Flexible, contour flowing
  • Direction Control: Fingertip switch
  • Speed Control: Progressive foot pedal movement, down/up
  • Operating Speed: 0-9 mph (0-15kph)
  • Steering: Joystick – Light load, directly connected to smoothing head
  • Seat: Premium UV protected, with adjustable armrests
  • Trailer: Integrated, extra heavy duty, folds from rolling position to transport position
  • Ground Pressure (footprint): 3.8psi (26kpa)
  • Smoothing Heads: 2 overlapping, fitted with tri-rollers in each head, no gap between heads
  • Rolling Width (swath): 50” (1270mm)
  • Weight: 800lb (364kg)
  • Drawbar: Lifting weight when connecting ball style 25lb (11kg), duel size 2” or 50mm
  • Tyres: 18 x 6.50 x 4 4ply
  • Engine start/stop: Recoil and switch
  • Brake (roller): Regenerative – finger switch or foot pedal
  • Lights: AC/DC LED
  • Battery Charger: Universal 48V on-board (lithium and acid)

Optional Attachments –

  • Quick Release Slicer: 15 blades, self-rotating on shaft and bearings, slice depth up to 7/8” (22mm)
  • Quick Release Spiker: 30 wheels, self-rotating on shaft and bearings, spike depth up to 7/8” (22mm)
  • Quick Release Drop down Leg Brush: Stiff or medium bristles available, suits ball style drawbar only
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Battery

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