Wessex HLS-100 Horizontal Log Splitter

The Wessex HLS-100 Horizontal log splitter makes log splitting a breeze. Building on the success of the vertical Wessex LS-100 splitter, the HLS-100 allows you to load logs directly from a trailer bed to the splitter at the same level, therefore avoiding painful backache.

Simply place a log on the platform, push the handles and watch as the 10ton splitting force effortlessly parts the wood. The HLS-100 is built tough and is manufactured with a log chute as standard, which conveys the split logs into a trailer or barrow ready to be transferred to a storage shed.

Specification –

  • Weight 126.5kg
  • Height 1140mm
  • Width 1480mm
  • Depth 670mm
  • Linkage Cat 1
  • Pipe fittings 1/2" quick release probes
  • Minimum power required 30hp+
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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