Wessex CMAX Push Brooms

BM-150CMAX Push Broom – BM-180CMAX Push Broom – BM240CMAX Push Broom

The innovative BROOMEX ‘C-MAX’ combines the well-known BROOMEX concept of a heavy duty push broom together with the patented side retainers, which will hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush without spillage.

The end brushes are carefully twisted to pull material away from a curb or wall and into the main path of the broom. This ensures a clean sweep right into those awkward corners without the danger of the hood damaging the wall. Sweeping times will be reduced even further, as those frustrating spill lines will be eliminated with the new BroomEx ‘C-Max’.

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Patented Twisted End Brushes – Sweep close to a wall and push debris in path of broom
  • Eliminates End Spillage – 65% faster than a standard push broom
  • Will Move Bulk Volumes of Material – Minimise your sweeping time
  • Available in 1.5M, 1.8M AND 2.4M Widths – Versatile
  • Fitted with Edge Marker Kit as Standard – Broom edge clearly visible from the cab

Specification –


  • Width 1.5m
  • Brush Rows 11
  • Weight 117.5kg
  • Bristle height 280mm


  • Width 1.8m
  • Brush Rows 11
  • Weight 132.5kg
  • Bristle height 280mm


  • Width 2.4m
  • Brush Rows 11
  • Weight 166.5kg
  • Bristle height 280mm
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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