Wessex Scrubmaster Rotary Slasher

In short, the WESSEX SCRUBMASTER ROTARY SLASHER is unstoppable!

Built to cope with the most arduous applications, this robust machine is ideal for controlling areas of dense vegetation and heavy scrubland i.e., forestry plantations, firebreaks, rides, and gorse moorlands etc.

The massive blades will deliver over 3,000 1 ton impact cuts per minute making light work of brambles, gorse, heather and trees / saplings up to 100mm diameter. The chain cutters are recommended in areas where there are likely to be hidden rocks, boulders and tree stumps etc. The chains will thoroughly lacerate cut material, accelerating the breakdown and rotting process.

Key Features & Benefits –

  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Durability
  • Massive Gearbox – Maximum drive transmission
  • Friction Plate Clutch – Overload protection
  • Blade or Chain Cutters are Interchangeable – Varying applications
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes – Ease of maintenance
  • Floating Headstock – Follows ground contours in rough areas
  • Adjustable Side Skids – Simple height adjustment

Specification –

  • Working width 170cm
  • Overall width 1.8cm
  • Blade tip speed 70.7m/s
  • Weight (blades & chains) 516kg blade 468kg chains
  • Minimum power required 45hp
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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