Wessex MTX-120 Dung Beetle Paddock Cleaner

The WESSEX MTC/MTX TRAILED COLLECTORS are available as a sweeper collector or a paddock cleaner in either PTO or engine driven versions for use behind a small tractor an ATV or UTV.

As a sweeper collector, the machine is fitted with supple bristles for turfcare applications. Grass clippings, autumn leaves and other debris will be flicked effortlessly into the hopper without damaging fine turf. The paddock cleaner version is fitted with a row of sprung steel tines in front of the rotor which loosens stubborn muck. The rotor is fitted with a heavy-duty bristle for maximum efficiency in a paddock environment. When full, the hopper is rolled over by means of a hand-operated winch to leave a clean discharge onto the ground.

The Wessex DUNG BEETLE, is a must for maintaining a healthy paddock and will not only collect horse muck, but also dead grass, leaves, twigs and other unsightly debris. The paddock will also benefit from the regular grooming action of the brush, which will stimulate growth of fresh, healthy grass, a benefit not gained from a vacuum machine.

Powerful Sweeping

The rotor comprises four banks of hard wearing polypropylene bristles fastened into a hard plastic strip. The generous length of the bristles give a good “flick” action ensuring that any debris is propelled effortlessly into the hopper. The brush strips are simply bolted in pairs through the steel box section rotor, and are quick and easy to change when worn.

Key Features & Benefits –

  • 5.5hp Engine – Easy to start and reliable
  • Throttle Lever – Clips on to ATV rack for user convenience
  • Centrifugal Clutch – Allows the brush rotor to be engaged / disengaged from the seat
  • Wheels In-Line With Brush Rotor – Follows ground contours accurately giving a consistent clean sweep
  • Simple Screw Handle – Easy adjustment of brush height
  • Fully Castoring Rear Wheels – Increased manoeuvrability
  • Floating Drawbar – Allows machine to float over uneven ground with no weight on ball hitch
  • Adjustable Spring Tines – Rake through the grass to loosen stubborn horse muck
  • Hand Operated Winch – For ease of emptying
  • Stiff, Course Bristle – For increased sweeping efficiency in paddock environment
  • Swivelling Ball Hitch – Satisfies Health and Safety recommendations

Specification –

  • Working width 1.2m
  • Overall width 1.85m
  • Hopper capacity 0.7m³ (approx)
  • Weight 317kg
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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