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Groundsman Industries 460SDR Turf Aerator Thumbnail

Groundsman Industries 460SDR Turf Aerator

Groundsman Industries 460SDR Turf Aerator

The 460SDR is a version of the 460HD using the same four crank-arm aeration mechanism and 60cm (24") swath but with power steering and rapid transport. It is ideal for aerating around obstacles such as trees or flower beds or odd shaped areas such as golf greens working around the circumference using the machines unique ability to aerate in tight circles without raising out of work. This saves time reduces operator fatigue while minimising surface damage and un-necessary compaction. The rapid transport mode disengages the tining mechanism and propels the 460SDR at a fast walking pace between sites or greens.

Based on the simple rugged 460HD, the model 460SDR has a rapid transport mode and power steering for manoeuvrability in work and transport. Two aeration speeds enable high or low-density hole patterns, this in conjunction with the multiple tine holder selection give the operator a choice of aeration patterns from 177 per sq. m ( 16 holes per sq. ft.) to 1200 per sq. m (100 holes per sq. ft.)

The GROUNDSMAN 460SDR has four heavy duty crank-arms in the aeration mechanism giving an operating width of 60 cm (24") to 13cm (5") depth. It accepts the full range of GROUNDSMAN tines and SC (spigot clamp) tine holders.  The elliptical plunge action mechanism used on the range of GROUNDSMAN surface aerators give a clean vertical tine entry and exit for minimum surface disruption to carry out a year round programme of aeration. Quick-change twin, triple, quad, quint and cluster tine holders for versatility with solid, needle, hollow, chisel and star tines.

The 460SDR model is rear wheel drive with spring ballasted independent suspension ensuring that the rear wheels stay on the ground even as the machine lifts and rides over obstacles during operation, the aeration pattern therefore remains uniform even on the most undulating of surfaces. Front wheel castors and power steering makes the 460SDR extremely manoeuvrable being capable of aerating in a tight circle a little over twice the width of the machine.

A lever dis-engages tine drive and engages a rapid transportation speed, propelling the machine between aeration sites at a fast walking pace. Operators handles are three point rubber mounted and this coupled with the built-in shock absorbers in the aeration mechanism make the 460SDR a truly smooth operator.

Key Benefits -

Caster power steering.
Extremely manoeuvrable.
Fine turf or parklands.
Shock absorbers and anti-vibration handles.
Comprehensive range of tines.
Adjustable aeration up to 130mm(5inches).
Aeration patterns 75mm (3") centres down to 30mm (1 1/4").
Forward speed up to 45m/min (49 yds).
Coverage up to 1620 sq m/hr (1960 sq yds).
13-650x6 Pneumatic Tyres.
Honda GX270 9HP OHV Engine.

Technical Specifications -

Swath: 600mm (24")
Weight: 260kg (572lbs)
Width: 107cm (42")
Length: 170cm (67")
Height: 100cm (39")       
Engine: 9 HP Honda GX 270
Drive: Twin vee-belt & chain, 2 speed aeration + rapid transport
Mechanism: Sealed bearing crank driven elliptical plunge action
Tyres: 4 Pneumatic 13 x650 x6

  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

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