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GreenTek Dyna-Spiker

GreenTek Dyna-Spiker

Let’s face it – the best greens in the world, aren’t going to happen by accident. You need the very best green-keeping skills and the best equipment, if you’re going to make that happen. And we’re right here to help you with that challenge! A vibratory spiker that fits the greens triple…must be a Dyna-Spiker. By utilising a patented powered vibration principle, the Dyna-Spiker drives its spikes deeper into the root zone and opens up a longer slit. A range of different spiking and slicing blades can be quickly fitted making this an incredibly versatile and useful piece of equipment. When golf greens become hard in summer drought conditions, the NEW Dyna-Spikers’ vibratory spiking action is the solution, powering its spikes through the hard surface and deep into the root zone, opening up parched greens to enable irrigation, wetting agent or fertiliser to penetrate.

Benefits -

  • Penetrates when the ground is too hard for even Sarel Rollers to have an effect
  • Allows air, water, wetting agents and fertiliser to revitalise the roots and keep the turf healthy.
  • Can be used any time of the year with minimum disturbance
  • Can be fitted with spiking blades or slicing blades which give a continuous slit

Specification -

  • Wight 39kg per unit
  • Hole Spacing 20mm x 45mm
  • Working depth 5-35mm
  • Will fit most green triple mowers
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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