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GreenTek Dyna-Corer

GreenTek Dyna-Corer

Let’s face it – the best greens in the world, aren’t going to happen by accident. You need the very best green-keeping skills and the best equipment, if you’re going to make that happen. And we’re right here to help you with that challenge! A greenkeepers’ dream! Hollow coring and aerating using a triplex – so quick and clean that the members will hardly notice it being done. The Dyna-Corer’s micro tines effectively remove thousands of tiny core plugs. An ideal thatch control or pre-seeding treatment. The coring depth can be precisely adjusted down to a maximum of 25mm.

  • NEW cross tines for de-compacting hard areas
  • Hollow coring tines 11mm (8mm plug) and 9.5mm (6mm plug) available
  • Interchangeable 5mm or 9.5mm solid tines are also available,
  • NEW 0.8mm slicing blade for continuous or interrupted slits

Benefits -

  • Excellent preparation before seeding
  • Prevents surface sealing to enable air and water to reach the root zone
  • Relieves surface compaction
  • Effective thatch removal in dry weather without risk of cracking from deep grooving
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet in operation

Specification -

  • Fitted with core collector/ rowing attachment
  • Working depth 5-25mm
  • Weight 47kg per unit
  • Fits most Greens triple mowers
  • Hole spacing 45mm centres (Forward spacing controlled by travel speed)
  • Several tine options
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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