KORO FieldTopMaker 1.6  Thumbnail
KORO FieldTopMaker 1.6  Thumbnail

KORO FieldTopMaker 1.6

KORO FieldTopMaker 1.6 - Base unit with elevator

The undisputable success of the KORO® FIELDTOPMAKER® across all sports surfaces has
helped produce healthier turf through greatly improved surface hygiene, and the remastered
1.2m, 1.6m, 2.0m and 2.5m models build on that success. To make the machines more user-friendly for golf the weight and balance have been analysed, resulting in a lighter, steadier experience. Solid locking pins now offer greater consistency and the overall performance is improved due to the re-designed patented UNIVERSE® rotor and angled cross conveyor.

The new angled cross conveyor has been introduced to move material evenly with perfect belt tracking, whilst the weight of the machines has been reduced using a removable 100kg that greatly improves the overall weight balance.
This redistribution of weight means a much smaller tractor can be used to run the KORO® FIELDTOPMAKER®, because the centre of gravity has been shifted towards the tractor making it easier to lift. Even when the weight is removed the machine still has improved balanced against previous models.

Maintaining the new range of KORO® FIELDTOPMAKER®’s has also been enhanced to ensure working reliability. A modular set-up allows the machine to run without belts and the strong state of the art driveline is maintenance free.

All of the range can facilitate the enhanced patented UNIVERSE® rotor which offers improved clean up and greater surface hygiene. Previous rotors will fit on the 2.0m and 2.5m models but not on the 1.2m or 1.6m.


  • Working Width:  1.60m
  • Overall / transport width:  2.88m
  • Working depth:  0-50mm deep (depending on rotor)
  • No. of Universe blades: (10mm) 161 on every holder
  • No. of Universe Finesse blades:   (5mm) 161 on every holder (5mm) 161 on every holder
  • No. of Terraplane blades:  48
  • Weight:    880 kgs (fitted with Universe Rotor)
  • Power requirement: 45 – 65hp. Creep speed of hydrostatic drive required                                     
  • Tractor requirement: 540 PTO. 30ltr/ min hyd.flow. 2 x double acting spool                                     
  • Operating Speed (approx):  0–2.4 mph (0-4kph) for Universe rotor)

                                                 0–3.7 mph (0 – 6 kph) with Universe Finesse

  • Blades 0 – 1.2 mph (0 – 2 kph) with Terraplane rotor
  • Options:  Mid Mounted roller (42.2kgs)


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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