Recycling Dresser 1900 Mk 2

The RECYCLINGDRESSER® aerates the underlying soil vertically and horizontally, removing soil from the root zone and re-distributing it across the playing surface. Layering and compaction are eliminated, biological activity increased and existing fertilisers in the soil are better utilised. The RECYCLINGDRESSER® reduces the amount of new top-dressing required, therefore saving labour and material costs and promoting sustainable maintenance. 3 different working widths are available in the range.


  • Working width:       1.90m
  • Working depth:       10 – 17 mm
  • No. of daggering blades (8mm thick):    24
  • Spacing of digging blades & discs (interpitched):  300mm
  • No. of coulter discs (4mm) thick:    7mm
  • Weight (approx) inc extra weight:     1130kg
  • Power requirement with creep box:  60hp plus
  • Tractor requirement:  540 PTO
  • Operating speed:    0.5 – 0.75 mph (0.5 – 1kph)


  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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