Imants Rotoblast 3

Imants Rotoblast 3

The RotoBlast is a tractor mounted blower.

The RotoBlast is a tractor mounted blower, designed to move leaves, grass clippings, thatch, litter and other unwanted surface debris from important areas. Typically used for clearing greens & tees, fairways, pathways and other sports turf areas. Attached to the 3-point linkage, the powerful blower is mounted on a wheeled chassis to allow contour following whilst maintaining a constant nozzle height above the ground. The wheels can be inverted to revert to a fully mounted option if required.


  • LxWxH:                               86.5cm x 1.18m x 98
  • Weight (approx):                  190kgs
  • RPM on blower:                    3750 rpm
  • Air Velocity:                         130m3/min
  • Max chute angle & height      225 degrees/ 18cm
  • Power requirement               25hp
  • Tractor requirement              Cat 1, 3-point linkage, 540 PTO
  • Operating Speed                   0.6 – 6.2mph (1 - kph)
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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