Gianni Ferrari GSR+ Electric Mower

Gianni Ferrari GSR+ Electric

The only electric front ride-on mower

GSR+ Electric is a professional ride on mower with a Lion battery that guarantees the performances and the finishing of the existing Gianni Ferrari models.
Agility and compactness are features that highlight the importance to apply either to a private end-user, but also to the landscaper that adds this unique machine to his fleet.


  • Hopper (L)
  • Working width (cm) 112
  • Transmission 2WD
  • Total Installed Power (kW) 10,2
  • Lithium battery nominal energy (kWh) 10,4
  • Voltage battery 54V
  • The finishing of this lawn mower, front 112 cm DUAL CUT™ deck equipped with three blades and its total installed power of 10,2 kW (equal to 20 Hp of an existing model), ensures a perfect mulching finish and the PTO is completely electric.
  • High quality finish due to the grass cutting action before the grass is driven on.
  • Excellent visibility and comfort for the operator.
  • Great adaptability on undulating terrains for a better finish.
  • GSR+ Electric goes, with its manoeuvrability, where the mid mounted mowers can’t.
  • GSR+ Electric can be used at a time (early morning / late evening) which until now, contractors or private users by law couldn’t use any type of equipment for green care.
  • The transmission and the Electric PTO are synonyms of attentions towards the respect of the environment thanks to the elimination of the emissions but also to the reduction of noise pollution through the lowering of noise under the threshold of 50 dB.
  • This new model by “Gianni Ferrari” presents 8 battery packs by 54 V that ensure 1000 full charges; they work between -10°and +60° degrees and they offer a battery life of 6/8 working hours, depending on the grass conditions.

For more information please click here to visit the Gianni Ferrari Website.

  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Battery

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