Dakota 411 Turf Tender Towed

The Dakota 411 is specially designed for the fast transportation and application of top dressing. It will handle both wet & dry materials allowing light to heavy dressings, and can easily be loaded with a 1.8m wide tractor bucket. It features accurate and easy to operate calibration with no manual adjustment*. The 411 model features 4 x 14” Ultra-Trac turf tyres, on independent floating beam axles for maximum weight distribution. Options include accessories for material handling and a 28cm deep hopper extension is also available.


  • Spreading width: 3.5m - 13.0m (dependant on tractor oil flow)
  • Hopper size: 0.91m (W) x 1.93m(L) x 0.36m (deep)
  • Hopper load height: 1.27m
  • Hopper capacity: 0.65m³ (level) - 0.76m³ (heaped)
  • Capacity with 28cm extension: 1.14m³ (level) - 1.25m³ (heaped)
  • Overall length & width / weight: 3.66m x 2.08m / 525kg
  • Tyres: 4 x Ultra Trac 26.5 x 14 x 12
  • Tractor requirements: 30hp

Options: *Electric / hydraulic or manual controls. Hydraulic rear door shut-off Rear cross Conveyor. 28cm Hopper extension Rear mounted stone/gravel chute

  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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