Dakota 410 Turf Tender Mounted  Thumbnail
Dakota 410 Turf Tender Mounted  Thumbnail

Dakota 410 Turf Tender Mounted

This Dakota 410 Turf Tender is specially designed to be body mounted on the John Deere Pro-Gato. It will handle both wet & dry materials, allowing light to heavy dressing and can easily be loaded with a 1.8m wide tractor bucket. 

The 410 Turf Tender features accurate and easy to operate calibration, with no manual adjustment*. It is easy to fit, and allows for easy servicing due to its hydraulic lift function. It can be used to fill bunkers or drainage runs with optional accessories. Wide spread pattern via dual spinner discharge system.

Engineered to cut down on waste, reduce overheads and save time this mounted Dakota Turf Tender is flexible and multi-purpose able to fertilize, top-dress, and much more. Enquire about the Dakota 410 online.


  • Spreading width: 3.5m - 13.0m variable
  • Hopper size: 0.91m (W) x 1.93m (L) x 0.36m (deep)
  • Hopper load: height 1.37m
  • Hopper capacity: 0.65m³ (level) - 0.76m³ (heaped)
  • Weight (approx): 354kg
  • Options: Electric / hydraulic or manual controls Hydraulic rear door shut-off Rear mounted cross conveyor Rear mounted stone/gravel chute Parking stand
  • Vehicle requirements: Hi-Flow hydraulics
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New

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