Reform Muli T10X Hybridshift


Shifting or stepless driving? It can do both. The Reform HybridShift gearbox has made it possible to combine the advantages of a hydrostatic drive in work mode and a mechanical drive in road mode without making sacrifices. You can choose yourself, depending on the work application. With a payload of up to 5200 kg, the T10 X HybridShift has virtually no limits. Comfort is also firmly rooted in the design. The Transporter has HCS suspension on the front and rear axle as standard. The comfort, not only reflected in the suspension and drive technology but also in the electrical operation of all vehicle functions via a joystick in the armrest, opens up completely new possibilities. In addition, the Muli T10 X can optionally be equipped with a more powerful hydraulic system, making it a versatile partner in municipal technology. The vehicle complies with the strict EU6c emission regulations and emission level 5. Its compact dimensions, extremely low platform bed and unmatched manoeuvrability make it ideal for inner-city use. The spacious tilting cab provides sufficient space for driver and passenger.


  • Engine – VM-R 754 EU6c, 80kW/109hp, Torque 360 Nm, 2600 rpm nominal speed, Emission level 5 or EU6c, Diesel particulate filter, SCR catalytic converter/Adblue
  • Chassis – Front steering, on request 4 wheel steering, Full suspension via  HCS, Wheelbase 2805 and 3180mm, Tyres up to 425/ 55R17
  • Drive – Mechanical mode 16/8 speed shuttle gearbox, Hydrostatic mode 8/8 speed hydro-mechanical gearshift 40km/h or 50km/h.
  • Hydraulic system – Hydraulic pump 42 l/min, on request 73 l/min at 195 bar, on request 240 bar
  • PTO – at rear axle gearbox 540 rpm, on request 1000 rpm, on request Front PTO 1000 rpm.

Technical data:

  • Power – 80kw/109hp
  • Dead Weight – from 3300 kg
  • Maximum permissible gross weight – 9500kg
  • Wheelbase – 2805/3180 mm
  • Height incl.roof* - 2355mm
  • Height of multi-cut built-on self-loading trailer/PrimAlpin* - 2830/2890mm
  • Wheel outer width* – 2650mm
  • Length of multi-cut built on self-loading trailer -  6155/6530 mm
  • Length of PrimAlpin (long wheelbase) – PrimAlpin 6520mm + 70mm with 4 wheel steering
  • Length of 3-side tipper (short/long wheelbase) – 5217/5591mm
  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

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