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Reform Muli T7S Thumbnail

Reform Muli T7S


Enormous engine power at low dead weight is the feature that is most appreciated in the T7 S. Especially on steep slopes, a high starting torque is essential. The T7 S provides the torque just above the idle speed at 1,100 rpm. Attention was also paid to robust, simple operation during development. The optionally available retarder supports safe working on slopes. In addition to supporting the service brake, the wear-free brake also makes faster, more efficient work on slopes possible. For exceptional driving comfort, the Muli T7 S can also be equipped with mechanical front axle suspension.



  • Engine – VM-R 754 EU6, 80kW/109 hp, Torque 360 Nm, 2600 rpm nominal speed, Emission level 4, Diesel particulate filter, SCR catalytic converter/AdBlue
  • Chassis – Front steering, on request 4 wheel steering, Front axle suspension via helical springs on request, Wheelbase 2805 and 3180mm, Tyres up to 425/ 55R17
  • Drive – 16/8-speed fully synchronous shuttle gear-box 40km/h, Optional creep speed 32/8-speed, Optional retarder.

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump 42 l/min at 180 bar
  • PTO - PTO at rear axle gearbox, 540 rpm on request Front PTO 540 or 1000 rpm

Technical Data:

  • Power – 80kW/109 hp
  • Dead weight – from 2830kg
  • Maximum permissible gross weight – 7500 kg
  • Wheelbase – 2805/3180mm
  • Height incl. roof* - 2310mm
  • Height of multi-cut built on self-loading trailer/ PrimAlpin* - 2885/2925mm
  • Width with exterior mirrors* - 2380mm
  • Track front and rear* - 2115mm
  • Length of multi-cut built-on self-loading trailer – 6155/6530mm
  • Length of PrimAlpin (long wheelbase) 6585mm
  • Length of 3-side tipper (short/long wheelbase) – 5307/5681mm

*depending on the tyres

  • Depot: All Outlets
  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

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