Aeration at Cathcart Castle - Campey Air2G2 Air Injector

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Aeration at Cathcart Castle - Campey Air2G2 Air Injector

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role Colin.

My name is Colin Shanks, I’m the head greenkeeper at Cathcart Castle Golf Club, just outside Busby, Glasgow. I started here in June 2021, and I previously worked at Strathven Golf Club as deputy greenkeeper for around 18 years.


Tell us a bit about your experience with Campey’s Air2G2

I’ve been using the Air2G2 air injector ever since it came out, so around 8-9 years roughly. In that time, I’ve found the Air2G2 great, it’s very unique and it’s the only thing on the market that does what it does, there’s no two ways about it. In the time that I have used Air2G2’s, I’ve really been able to grasp the machines full potential and it's great. A useful thing about the Air2G2 is that it’s very easy and cheap to buy replacement parts as it’s far cheaper to buy 3 replacement tines than a set of 30-40 verti drain tines. So, it’s very cost effective and if anything goes wrong Double A West is just 5 minutes away from us so we can get rapid back up service which is only a phone call away.


What advice would you give to greenkeepers on aeration?

I’d say if you can fit an Air2G2 into your spending it’s definitely worth it, it’s a no brainer. Especially with the new model its great! I’ve used the Air2G2 for years back when I was in Strathven and it just keeps getting better, the technology nowadays is very good. The Air2G2 really makes a difference, you can tell the difference between a green that has been aerated by an Air2G2 and one that hasn’t. The golfers like the surface and can’t even spot the holes within 30 minutes. The Air2G2 has little to no downsides, you can use it on practically anything; greens, aprons, tees, walk-offs, even fairways. Most people use them around twice a year, but I find to really optimize results you need to use it around every two months, especially in the Winter. The more you hit the turf the better as long as you aren’t being too harsh with how much air you are putting in.


What improvements can you see with the new Air2G2?

The new model has great improvements, the main one being the wider arms, something so simple makes such a big difference. With the old models you could do a green in maybe 20 minutes whereas now that’s cut down to 10 minutes, I noticed this half in time immediately. This is useful as it allows us to aerate far quicker and we can get on to other jobs. It’s super user friendly too which is good because all the greenkeeping team can use it and everyone gets a shot. The new computer screen makes it easy to make adjustments with precision. The nozzles have a new bypass too which means you can go all day without having to worry about blocked nozzles as the air gives them a little blast to clear them. It’s also relatively quiet so you can use it while there are golfers on the course, even on the same green if you ask nicely! The new technology is great though, it’s very up to date and feels good to use and as I say anyone can use it. With the long arms it cuts labour costs and time in half, it just makes the whole aeration process easier.


Thanks Colin, is there anything else you’d like to say about Air2G2?

I’d say it’s definitely worth purchasing one rather than hiring because it allows for flexibility. With only using the Air2G2 every 2 months, we can ensure the machine is in top condition, whereas hired out Air2G2’s are being used all the time and probably aren’t as effective. I can definitely feel the difference. Overall, I’ve been using this machine for years and I love it, there’s nothing out there like it. When I joined Cathcart, they asked me if there was anything I thought we needed to add to our fleet and instantly I said Air2G2.

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